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20th Annual General Meeting, College of Pathologists, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia



committees meeting

Welcome to the first ever College of Pathologists virtual conference!

On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is our privilege to extend our warmest welcome to the first ever full virtual conference: 2021 International Congress of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (ICPaLM 2021) and 18th Annual Scientific Meeting, College of Pathologists which will be held from 3rd-5th March 2021. 

COVID 19 pandemic has globally caused major paradigm shift which also affected us causing the rescheduling of the event for several times; hence, we have decided to manoeuvre the event differently from the conventional face-to-face to a fully virtual congress which is coincidentally aligned with the theme chosen for the Congress “Exploring the Advances and Potential of Disruptive Technologies in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine”

As we are well aware, practices of pathology and laboratory medicine have grown exponentially over recent years. Many new technologies such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, data mining, total laboratory automation are becoming norm in these fields. The three-day virtual congress (and a month on demand!) will explore advances and potential of these new technologies in line with existing services in driving pathology and medical practices to the next level. 

This event is designed to give us insight in these new technologies and and to learn from the experts how we can embrace them in our future practices. Besides, do take this opportunity to make new connections and networking with leading experts in the respective fields and also reconnect with old friends through a virtual platform.

This virtual congress will retain almost all the features of the physical congress which include the scientific contents, booth exhibition for industries and corporate bodies, poster presentation etc.    The advantage of a congress in virtual platform is a total new experience for all of us, beside allowing the real-time attending to the scientific contents, it also allow us to revisit the missed-out scientific lectures which will be available for all registered participants for 30 days post event. For booth exhibition, a brand new experience for both the participants and the corporate parties where participants will be able to visit the virtual booths, make connections and communicate with industry of interest. Therefore, we would like to thank the industries and corporate bodies that have given their support to this event and also welcome more to be part of the Congress by show casing their latest state- of - the- art technologies in the Congress Trade and Exhibition virtually. 

Please come and join us to explore the new virtual congress and we look forward in meeting all of you virtually in the 2021 ICPaLM and 18th Annual Scientific Meeting. Thank you for your participation.

AP Dr Eusni Rahayu Mohd.Tohit

Dr Leong Chooi Fun


Organising Committee ICPaLM 2021 and 18th Annual Scientific Meeting College of Pathologists






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